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No Promises Required - Cari Quinn 3.5-4 stars

Two of my favorite books are [b:No Flowers Required|15846230|No Flowers Required (Love Required, #2)|Cari Quinn|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1345817335s/15846230.jpg|21590248] and [b:No Romance Required|18224120|No Romance Required (Love Required, #3)|Cari Quinn|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1374586007s/18224120.jpg|25658182], so I was really excited to read the newest book by Cari Quinn.

In No Promises Required, we meet Bryan, a professional football player who's recovering from an injury and visiting home for a few weeks for his sister's wedding. Jill, who's the best friend of Bryan's sister, has harbored a serious crush on Bryan since they were kids.

Thinking the tabloids and rumors about Bryan being a player are true, Jill decides she's going to convince him to have a wild two week fling with her. She is determined to shed her good girl image and gain some experience in the bedroom, and who better to help her with that than the sexy football god she's always crushed on?

Bryan has spent years keeping his distance from Jill in order to never disappoint and hurt her. Because of his own issues stemming from a difficult childhood, he has never believed he's good enough for someone like Jill. And now with his career on the line, he's trying to shed his bad boy image, including not getting involved with anyone. He doesn't need any distractions or complications, yet Jill is one distraction he can't seem to let go of.

A very sweet and sexy read! I enjoyed this friends to lovers story, especially the witty banter between Jill and Bryan. There is more depth to the story than just the sexy times, and it was easy to fall for this adorable couple.