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When I Surrender - Kendall Ryan ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Knox now holds the title of my favorite male Kendall Ryan character. I LOVE him!

After reading and loving [b:When I Break|19540226|When I Break (When I Break, #1)|Kendall Ryan|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1390496946s/19540226.jpg|27666726], I will admit that I was hesitant and nervous about reading this second installment to the series. I don't have the best luck with books living up to the first in a series and I wasn't sure where Kendall was going to take us with Knox and McKenna's story. I ended up loving this book MORE than the first!

Knox deals with the loss of his mother and the heavy burden he carries of raising his three brothers by plowing through women like it's a hobby. Emotionally crippled and never having been in a relationship, he's taken completely off guard when he starts falling for his sex addiction group therapist, McKenna. The first book ends on a misunderstanding and leaves us wondering if Knox and McKenna can ever make a go of a real relationship. You can't deny they have chemistry and a deep connection.

McKenna carries guilt about her parents death and uses volunteer work (and working herself to death) as her way of repentance. She's one of the sweetest most selfless women characters I've ever encountered in a novel - but she doesn't see herself that way. On top of all that - she's dealing with the fact that she also has never been in a real relationship and is hesitant about pursing something with Knox. Her fears of whether he can give her what she needs and wants hold her back from getting too close. And then you throw in her best friend/roommate who harbors feelings for her - it's a lot for McKenna to deal with.

I understand McKenna's loyalty to her roommate, although I wish she'd grow a backbone and tell him once and for all her true feelings. She's too nice of a person to hurt anyone and although I don't feel like she's leading him on - she's not being firm with him about her blossoming relationship with Knox.

McKenna and Knox spend more time together and have to decide if this deep connection they have is worth pursuing. McKenna is afraid her relationship with Knox is wrong because of his addiction and is scared he can't commit to her. Knox is afraid he's going to let her down and not be able to give her the love she deserves. All hell breaks loose at the end and then there is a brutal cliffhanger. I couldn't be upset though - knowing the final installment comes out next month. Thank god for that!

You can't help but adore Knox. He's trying so hard to change and how can you not love a sexy, responsible man who takes care of his three younger brothers?! It's hot. And there's no comparison to the way Kendall Ryan writes a steamy scene. She had my heart racing many times reading this book!

I can't wait to read [b:When We Fall|20809459|When We Fall (When I Break, #3)|Kendall Ryan|/assets/nocover/60x80.png|40154498] and the conclusion to Knox and McKenna's story!