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When I Break

When I Break - Kendall Ryan ARC kindly provided by the publisher/author in exchange for an honest review.

I have a few favorite authors that I know will never disappoint me. When I'm in a book slump - I just have to pick up one of their books and I'll devour it's goodness in one sitting. Kendall Ryan is one of those authors and I LOVE her writing.

What I haven't been loving lately are cliffhangers. BUT, I knew this one was going to have a not-so-happy ending before I even began and that got me through. Also knowing I won't have to wait too long before I get the rest of Knox and McKenna's story helped me suffer through that brutal ending.

I adored Knox and McKenna. He is a tough guy on the outside, but once you see him with his brothers and see him confide in McKenna, you can't help but swoon and fall in love with him. And McKenna, although living with so much sorrow and guilt over her own tragic past - she is sweet and kind - making it her life's mission to help others. But she will find out that her desire to help Knox turns into so much more when they have an undeniable chemistry sizzling between them.

There just wasn't enough!! I NEED MORE. I barely got my feet wet and then it was over. Ms Ryan, you broke my heart, but I forgive you because I know you'll give me more soon and I can't wait!