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Someone Is Watching - Joy Fielding My favorite and most memorable scary and suspenseful book ever read was Joy Fielding's [b:Whispers and Lies|244474|Whispers and Lies|Joy Fielding|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1389924062s/244474.jpg|236858]. Since then, I've read other Fielding books that haven't lived up to that one, until now.

Filled with plenty of mystery and intrigue, this book is my definition of a perfect suspense novel. I loved the Rear Window movie feel - that just added a little uniqueness to the story. But most importantly, as all of the clues were being laid out to me, I was never able to come to a conclusion about the 'who dun it', and that in itself is a sign of an excellent mystery novel. Maybe my brain was purposefully being obtuse, but I'm glad I was unaware the entire time, because it added to the experience. I prefer not to know until the end - that suspenseful build up is the best part of reading a book like this!

There were some very fast-paced parts of the book that made it hard to put down, while other parts were slower and perfect for setting the mood and tone of the book. I never felt like the book was too long or short in length - everything was perfectly timed. I will admit there were times while reading it that I found myself jumping at noises in my house because I was so freaked out. A truly brilliant mystery that I highly recommend.