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My Favorite Mistake (My Favorite Mistake #1) - Chelsea M. Cameron 3.5-4 stars

Another book that sucked me in immediately and made it impossible to put down. It's a very cute & romantic love story.

Hunter and Taylor have issues and secrets that neither are willing to talk about for the first half of the book. And they spend a lot of the book 'hating' each other (which is a little annoying). Normally I would be frustrated, but having known that ahead of time (by reading some other reviews), I wasn't as impatient for everything to come together. The build up of suspense was what kept me reading and wanting more. I like when books do that - as long as they aren't too long and it goes quickly. I felt like I flew through this book.

My major issue with the book was Taylor. I understand that her past made her a bitter, angry girl who was scared to fall in love or be close to anyone. But she was just a bitch. Plain and simple. There were times that it was funny and understandable. But most of the time, I just felt bad for Hunter and thought he deserved better, no matter what Taylor went through to make her that way. Not saying what she went through wasn't bad or that I couldn't understand why she was so mean - just that she dealt with it badly a lot of the time and it pissed me off.

Hunter wasn't as much of a bad boy as he was portrayed. In fact, he was the sweetest guy ever. He was the only person with enough patience and persistance to stick around and break down Taylors walls, lucky for her! He was a freakin saint. I have to say that Hunter really made this book for me...sexy, guitar-playing, singing, tattooed, not-so-bad boy.

What I loved most was that this book had an entire cast of friends/family that you fell in love with. Roommates, best friends, cousins, family - it was very heart-warming. I loved the feel of the book when they were all together and how much they supported one another.

Overall it was a sweet story that I enjoyed.