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Being Me (Inside Out Trilogy, #2) - Lisa Renee Jones Wow - book one left me with my jaw on the floor from a major cliffhanger and I was so glad I could immediately jump into this book. I loved this book even more than the first, and that’s saying a lot. Normally sequels rarely live up to my expectations, but I’m happy to say this one was everything and more than I expected!

We pick up right where we left off in the first book, with Sara and Chris trying to figure out what happened to Rebecca. But along the way, they are also trying to figure out their relationship and how they can make it work. Sara doesn't want to be controlled, due to issues with her past, and Chris has his own demons keeping him from being truthful and being himself with her. They have to overcome a lot, which is part of the beauty of this story. It’s full of passion, suspense, mystery – but most incredible is their love story. They have an amazing love and connection and I absolutely LOVE them as a couple. There is no shortage of drama that will challenge their relationship – but it makes the story all the more amazing.

Thankfully, this book doesn't end on a major cliffhanger like the first. You will get your answers about Rebecca and some closure. It will, however, leave a lot of unanswered questions that will keep you anxious for the third book to be released! I can’t wait to read it!