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If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, #1) - Lisa Renee Jones This book was getting so much buzz, but when I read it had a cliffhanger, I held off until I could get my hands on the second book. And I’m SO glad I did because I hate cliffhangers – and this one was brutal.

Sara is an innocent school teacher living a boring life and trying to shake the demons of her past. She comes across some erotic journals of a woman named Rebecca, who’s disappeared and becomes determined to find her to make sure she’s okay. What she doesn’t expect is to be pulled into the same world, living out her dream of working with art, and being captivated by the sexy and artistic Chris Merit.

These two are sizzling together and it’s fantastic. I loved every minute they were together and getting to know each other. The suspense of figuring out what they both are hiding is SO good and keeps you turning the pages, along with the suspense of finding out what really happened to Rebecca.

This is a page-turner with serious heat. Any fan of Fifty Shades will love this book!