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The Impact of You - Kendall Ryan ARC provided by the author for an honest review.

Another fantastic book by Kendall Ryan! I love every single word this woman writes because she makes her characters relatable, and manages to incorporate everything I love in a good NA romance.

Jase is working through his own demons from his past. From appearances – he’s just a good-looking frat boy who sleeps around and lives a care free life. But there is so much MORE to Jase – he was every woman’s dream - sweet, protective, hilarious, & hot. He meets Avery and wants nothing more than to get to know her, by offering to be her ‘life coach’.

But what Jase finds when he starts to spend more time with Avery, is that she’s also dealing with her own demons and he’ll do anything to help her get past them.

Avery went through something pretty traumatic and wants nothing more than to bury her secret and move forward with her life. She decides moving away and keeping her distance from people is the route to go - but that secret will come back to haunt her and threaten her relationship with Jase.

The beauty of this story is the friendship that builds between Jase and Avery FIRST. This isn’t an insta-love. Jase genuinely likes Avery and wants to be her friend. He knows she’s guarded and hurt and instead of pushing her to get what he wants (although he’s definitely fighting his attraction to her), he sets out to just BE there for her. It is the sweetest, most romantic thing! Yes there is serious hotness between these two (because, let’s face it – Kendall Ryan KNOWS how to bring on the HEAT). Their love and friendship is what made this story so incredible. And it’s that suspense and build-up of sexual tension that will keep you turning the pages frantically!

I loved every minute of this book. I dropped everything I was reading when I got it and devoured it in 2 days. Kendall Ryan just has that ability to suck me in and fall in love with her characters. And you’ll find it impossible not to love Jase!