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Dangerous to Know & Love - Jane Harvey-Berrick What a beautiful and incredible story of love & loss - and the strength it takes to survive.

I really won't be able to do this book the justice it deserves in this review. For me, it deserves more than 5 stars and everyone should read it. It was SO much more then just another romance novel with a bad boy and innocent girl. It had depth and serious issues under the surface that were so incredibly written. Although a slower read, that definitely took time to build up, it was worth every single minute because of how beautifully this story unfolded.

I couldn't have loved Daniel more. He was such a broken man dealing with the most incredible circumstances, while trying not to let it define him. My heart melted for him - he couldn't have been more perfect. And although Lisanne had her faults, I could relate to her innocence, especially at her young age. She took some time to warm up to, but eventually I really understood her and began to love her. She lived a happy, sheltered life and had a lot of growing up to do once she met Daniel. They were a perfect balance for each other and it made their relationship so beautiful.

There's so much about this book that made it wonderful, but would spoil the story if I gave a really in depth review. I think the synopsis of the book is enough to make you curious and all of the great reviews enough to make you go out and read it! It's fantastic and I am SO glad I picked it up.