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Tangled - Emma Chase After seeing the synopsis for this book, I was immediately dying to read it. I love a book with romance AND wit. And since the book was entirely from the male’s POV – that alone intrigued me. This book had it all – humor, romance, sex, suspense, angst. The recipe for an unputdownable book!

Now, I will admit that Drew’s egotistical attitude and crude sense of humor turned me off in the beginning. I understand that most guys probably DO think and act like him, but it was a bit much for me. Thankfully, he started to grow on me. My advice for everyone reading this book – give it a chance! Don’t give up too quickly because it gets SO good.

Drew Evans is an extremely arrogant man-whore. Plain and simple. He is a very successful investment banker at his dad’s firm and when he’s not making millions, he’s out picking up one-night-stands on the weekends. He has zero desire to be in a relationship because he loves his life the way it is.

Kate Brooks is incredibly intelligent and beautiful and is the new associate at Drew’s father’s firm. She’s worked extremely hard to be successful and get to the place she is today. The weekend before her first day at the firm, she happens to run into Drew at a bar where he comes on to her. She politely declines because she’s engaged, despite the pull she feels between her and Drew. Something about her is so different that he can’t get her out of his head. And when he realizes she’s a new employee – he decides he’s got to have her, just to get her out of his system. Until his dad announces they are both competing for the same account.

They find themselves having to work together and the sexual tension is intense. Drew starts to realize this just may be the one girl who can bring him to his knees and change his attitude about love and relationships.

I love sarcasm and this book has it in spades. Once you get used to Drew, the book is really hilarious – he’s got some great one-liners. When Kate enters the picture, you started to see his transformation and realize there’s more to him then he lets on. And the supporting cast in this book is fantastic. You can’t help but love Drew’s family and his close friends.

There’s really a wonderful love story at the core of this book and the chemistry between these two was intense. Not to mention how entertaining their banter was – Kate never backed down and was such a strong admirable woman. You really felt their connection and it had me glued to my Kindle dying to know what would happen between them. I rarely finish a book in one day, but this one was too hard to put down!
I was thrilled with how it all played in the end. A wonderful read!