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Off Limits (Off Series, #2) - Sawyer Bennett First I have to thank the author for the opportunity to read an ARC of this book. I loved it!

4.5 Stars

Emily Burnham is determined to make changes in her life and shed the image from her past - the rich and spoiled daughter of a politician who's controlled by her mother. She's away at college pursuing her dreams and doing things she's never done before - and loving every minute. She's such a strong character that I adored her from the beginning and admired her for the courage to start her own life.

Then an accident will have her literally running into Nix Caldwell. Nix is a former Marine, who's extremely closed off from everyone but his dad and brother. He's suffered some traumatic injuries when serving in Afghanistan and is living with a horrible guilt regarding one of his best friends. Because of this - he refuses to have relationships with anyone and comes off as an asshole.

Making personal connections is easy. Losing them is what's hard. It's easier to avoid.

Until he meets Emily. She just may be that one person who can break down his carefully constructed walls and get him to feel something again. But when she pushes him a little too far - will he be able to get past his issues and finally allow himself to be in love?

This book was a wonderful love story in every sense. You have the tough and sassy heroine. The sexy, baddass hero with issues. I love books where it's the guy who fights his attraction instead of the girl - something about those storylines just does it for me. And the chemistry these two had was awesome. The first time Nix gives into his desire for Emily is an unforgettable scene! But the suspense of whether he'll get his act together kept me wanting more. I ADORED Nix - he was possessive, protective, sweet - everything about him (even his bad attitude) screamed HOT.

An example of how sweet he is...
"I've never brought flowers to a woman before, Emily. I'm having a lot of 'firsts' with you." ahhhh...swoon!

The epilogue was wonderful, and I'm excited that there will be another book about his brother, Linc! I also LOVE the names Nix and Linc. Two of the coolest male names I've read in a book because it was different.

A wonderful steamy romance I really enjoyed!