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No Attachments - Tiffany King One of the best NA books I've read - absolutely loved this one. First of all I have to thank the author and Inkslinger for the opportunity to read an ARC of this book. I am forever grateful because this book is now a favorite of mine!

Ashton is on the run from her past, having moved to a small town with a bucket list of things she wants to do in her lifetime. Not once did I ever figure out what exactly it was that she was running from and the suspense kept me dying to read more and figure her out. In the few months she’s been in town, she has made a few friends who are wonderful to her, including the owner of the general store where she works.

A night out with her two friends presents an opportunity to cross off one of the items on her list – to have a one-night-stand. And the lucky guy she targets is Nathan. A guy who claims he’s a journalist just passing through town on his hunt for a story, when in reality he’s been hired by a man to find Ashton and disclose her whereabouts . Their first night ‘together’ proves to be a flop – but there’s something about Ashton that keeps Nathan from turning her in and leaving town. Even though he’s sworn off women and relationships – there’s something different about her that calls to him and makes him want to know her better and find out the real reason behind her running away.

Neither one of them are interested in a relationship – both having past issues that prevent them from ever wanting to fall in love. So they agree on a ‘no attachments’ affair – that will quickly turn out to be more than they bargained for. When they start to realize their feelings are stronger than planned, a chain of events occur that challenge their love and relationship – stemming from what Nathan is really doing in town and what Ashton has been hiding from him.

I will say that although it sounds like serious angst – it’s written in a way that doesn’t drag it out and made it bearable for me. Also – what some would consider an ‘insta-love’ really didn’t feel like that to me. They date each other and their times together seemed so real to me that I never felt it was a rushed relationship. I am a big believer in finding love quickly, whether you want to admit that’s what it is, and once you have that – you don’t want to spend another minute without it or that person. Nathan and Ashton made me believe in their love and their relationship. It was beautiful, romantic, often comical and so amazing that I had a smile on my face the entire time I read this book.

Not to mention Nathan is SWOON-WORTHY. He was an incredible character written to perfection. The way he tried so hard to win Ashton over, often failing miserably with their disastrous and hilarious few dates. But he never gave up and when things got difficult, he showed his true feelings and commitment and completely melted and won my heart several times over. And I can’t forget the total chemistry these two had together – it was very hot and steamy! When they finally have their moment, it did not disappoint.
And Ashton is a kick-ass heroine who doesn’t whine or get annoying ONE TIME! I loved her! She’s hilarious, and despite having gone through some serious heartache in her life – she is fun and upbeat and just made me smile.

I can’t begin to say how much I loved every single minute of this book. The story unfolded so beautifully and sucked me in immediately that I didn’t want to put it down. I felt so many different emotions while reading it – especially at the point in the book where it threw me for a loop. Not only was it a wonderful romance with enough steam thrown in – there were some serious laugh-out-loud moments. The banter between Ashton and Nathan was perfect and so realistic. And the tender and serious moments were a total surprise that I was not expecting going into reading this book – but made it all the more wonderful! I wanted to weep at times because these two were so PERFECT together and I was cheering them on to get their HEA.

A MUST READ - make sure to get your copy as soon as it comes out!