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Fighting for Flight - J.B. Salsbury I absolutely LOVED this book - it had me sucked in from the first page and it was amazing!! I'd give it more than 5 stars if I could and it's definitely on my favorites list.

Jonah Slade is a sexy MMA fighter who's life is all about training, friends, and meaningless sex. After losing his father at a young age, he uses fighting as an outlet for his anger and emotions.

Raven Morreti is a mechanic with a love of cars. She's quiet, shy and keeps to herself - having grown up the child of a prostitute mother and pimp/criminal father. Never feeling loved or taken care of, Raven doesn't know what it's like to have family, except for Guy - the owner of the shop she works, who's become sort of a father figure to her.

"You're like that single wild flower that grows from the crack in the pavement: miraculous growth with no water source or fertile soil. A person walking by would step around that flower to avoid crushing it. It's not like the field of wild flowers you tromp through carelessly, crushing them under your feet, knowing that the next day will bring a hundred more."

Then Jonah walks into her shop and the instant attraction between the two of them is impossible to ignore. He is looking for someone to work on his car and she ends up with the job.

They start working on the car together and start to realize they are falling in love. Jonah is afraid to screw it up, knowing how inexperienced Raven is. His love, possessiveness, and need for her is so amazing and sweet. I absolutely adored Jonah - he's all kinds of swoon-worthy and hot! He's protective of Raven and shows her comfort and love that she's never known before. They are perfect together!

I really loved Raven. She wasn't one to play games or fight her attraction to Jonah. You could tell she was unsure of herself, but it was never annoying. I just wanted her to have her happiness with Jonah. She overcame a horrible childhood to become a strong and caring woman and it was easy to sympathize and adore her.

Unfortunately her horrible father enters the picture to cause problems and they will have to overcome some serious obstacles in order to stay together. It's intense and scary at times - very hard to put this book down! Jonah's love for her is so incredible that he will do whatever it takes to protect and save her from her father.

"You're mine baby. Always."

"Here you're thinking I'm saving you, when all this time it's been you who saved me."

I can't recommend this book enough. It made me laugh, swoon, cry. It had all the elements of a perfect romance with humor, steam and suspense. Wonderful supporting characters, too. I can't wait to read the next book about Jonah's friend, Blake.

If you love a good fighter love story - this is a must read!