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Leo (Sign of Love, #1) - Mia Sheridan 4.5 stars

I saw a lot of recent recommendations for this book, and despite hating the cover - it sounded really good and I was dying to read it. Well, I'm glad I did because I loved it! And you know that I love a book when I'm highlighting like crazy on my Kindle.

Leo & Evie first meet in foster care and become best friends. When Leo is 15 and Evie is 14 - Leo gets adopted and ends up having to move across the country and away from Evie, who he's fallen in love with.

“I’m going to kiss you now, Evie, and when I do, it’s going to mean that you’re mine. I don’t care how far away from each other we are. You. Are. Mine. I’ll wait for you. And I want you to wait for me. Promise me you won’t let anyone else touch you. Promise me you’ll save yourself for me.”

Leo promises Evie that he will come back for her when she is 18 and they'll start their life together.

“No matter how far apart we are. No matter the distance or time, I will never love anyone except you. Not ever.”

But Evie never hears from Leo again and spends the next 8 years wondering what happened. Fast forward 8 years - Evie has made a good life for herself and is just thankful for the little that she has.

"Well, how many people do you think walk into their apartment at the end of the day, small and simple as it may be, and look around and feel like one of the luckiest people in the world? How many people truly appreciate what they have because they know what it feels like to have absolutely nothing? I went through a lot to get where I am and I don't take anything I have for granted, ever. That's my reward."

I adored Evie. She worked hard to get where she was, to be able to take care of herself and be proud that she didn't let her horrible past ruin her. She appreciated everything she had in life and that's a truly amazing lesson. Her only downfall was being so innocent and inexperienced.

Then Evie starts to notice a guy is following her around. She's not sure why, but she's not intimidated or scared. He's being pretty obvious about it, so she confronts him. He admits that he was a friend of Leo's and was asked by Leo to check on her and make sure she's doing well.

There is an obvious attraction between her and Jake. He's sweet, sexy, and possessive. I loved him and how he won Evie over. She starts to feel things for him that she hasn't felt since Leo, and they start to date and get to know each other. But Jake's keeping secrets that could risk tearing them apart.

I didn't figure out the big twist - I had a totally different scenario in my head, so I was thrilled to be wrong. I'm the kind of reader who hates to figure things out before it's revealed to me in the book.

I loved how the book ended up and enjoyed every second of their story. I even enjoyed the flashbacks between Evie and Leo - they gave insight into the rough life both kids were dealth with and set the tone for the rest of the story. They built such an amazing friendship and love that carried with them through the next several years.

"And the thing about falling in love is that no matter where you are when it happens, you can't help but to color those moments with beauty, even if you're in a location of ugliness. He made what would have been a place of nightmares into a place to dream."