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Fall For Me (Danvers, #3) - Sydney Landon After loving the second book in this series, I was really excited to read this one. Although I loved Nick (he made the book worth reading) - Beth was hard to take.

Beth used to be an obese woman who was constantly criticized by her parents. She became determined and lost the weight, but her self esteem was never at a level it needed to be and she constantly questioned why Nick, a gorgeous, rich man would be attracted to her.

I get it. Really. But after awhile, her constant issues with her weight and image grated on my nerves. This guy clearly has the hots for you - GET A CLUE. Or seek help. Which she does eventually. But not before pissing me off.

And when she decides it's better to lose weight and starve herself instead of caring for the child growing inside her - I got really pissed off. It was selfish and it made me lose even more respect for Beth.

They both fight their true feelings about each other the whole book just to realize they've been in love but too chicken shit to admit it. I expected some sort of huge revelation and it was just lack-luster. No fireworks went off. And the WTF ending still leaves me puzzled. I could've done without the random ending at his parents house where they're fighting over a boys name for the baby. It was just bizarre.

It just didn't live up to my expectations, although it was a quick and entertaining enough read. And Suzy was hilarious - I loved that she had parts in this book. I'm still anxious to read the 4th book in hopes it's about Ella.