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Release Me - J. Kenner Thank you Netgalley for this ARC!

Wow, I absolutely loved this book. I didn't want it to end. It's so nice to find another book/series to fill the void Fifty Shades and Crossfire left in me. Although this book does have it's similarities to those series - it was different enough to stand out and I thought it was fantastic.

Damien Stark. Sexy, successful, controlling, romantic, sweet - he's the whole package. A retired professional tennis pro turned mega business billionaire - he's used to getting everything and everyone he wants.

Nikki Fairchild grew up being paraded around in the pageant world by her controlling mother. At one particular pageant she has a run-in with Damien Stark that she'll never forget. Once Nikki has finally had enough of her mother's controlling ways, she sets off to LA to make something of herself and lands a job that will bring her back into contact with Damien.

Both Nikki and Damien are very broken people suffering from their own demons. And because of those demons, they understand each other better then anyone else and it's that connection, not to mention the heat and intense sexual connection, that pulls them together like magnets. Both are very strong with the need to control, and the comfort they find in each other is what they both need to heal from their pasts. In the beginning the push and pull of whether Nikki was going to give in was slightly frustrating, but it was really beautiful to see these two fall for each other, once the walls started coming down. Incredibly sweet and sexy - it was an emotional roller coaster, and I didn't want the ride to end.

Although not a cliffhanger ending - it does leave some unanswered questions intended to make the reader continue the series. And I can't wait for the next book!