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Hard to Love - Kendall Ryan Sweet and sexy - I adored this book. Kendall Ryan is one of my favorite authors and she certainly knows how to entertain!

Cade's got a rough life, having to raise his little sister who has health issues. The medical bills pile up and he is just trying his best to provide and take care of her all on his own. Working construction during the day and MMA fighting on the side isn't quite cutting it - so he decides to take up an offer in the adult entertainment industry in order to pay off his debts and get above water.

Alexa is a nursing student who comes from a wealthy family. Having never wanted for anything in her life - she's determined to help people and be successful on her own, regardless of her social status. She happens to be working the night shift in the ER when she first encounters Cade - who's having issues on his first night on the 'job'.

The first time they meet is hilarious and Alexa really shows her innocence in how she reacts to Cade and his profession. But curiosity is human nature and she still can't help the attraction she feels for him. Fate isn't done trying to get these two together and when they run into each other at a bar - it gets even more interesting.

Alexa wants to be with a guy like Cade who's experienced and Cade, being the sweet guy he is, doesn't want to push Alexa to do something she'll regret. But when she learns that Cade is so much more then he appears - she's determined not to give up on him. Cade is totally SWOON worthy.

"No, cupcake. I'm more of a beer and hot wings, and sex in the cab of my truck kind of guy. But for you I could probably make an exception"

"Later cupcake," Cade whispered as if reading my mind. "Now eat. You're going to need your energy for what I have planned."
**fans self**

But of course there are issues they'll have to overcome, especially related to Cades 'profession'. I understood Alexa being upset about Cade making one more film after they were together. NO amount of money is ever worth doing that - I don't care the excuses. Although Cade is trying to be honorable and take care of his sister - he could have just gone into debt like the rest of us! There's just no excuse for making money that way and I completely understood why it hurt Alexa. But in Cade's defense - she knew what he did WHEN she met him. She can't expect him to change after knowing each other such a short amount of time - regardless of their strong feelings for each other. Not saying what he did wasn't totally wrong - it was! His pride and determination blinded him from doing what was right. And losing her was definitely the kick in the rear he needed to get his act together.

I'm a big believer in second chances and even though people screw up - it's part of life and if you love someone, you make it work. I was happy how things ended for these two. A very sweet and spicy story!