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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Thank you Net Galley for this ARC. I couldn't have been more thrilled to have had the chance to read this book.

Oh, Bennett. You rival the likes of Christian and Gideon and I adore you. This book was exactly the type of book I needed for my Fifty/Crossfire fix. It was hot, romantic, and witty. It consumed me and I couldn't put it down.

After spending years in France, Bennett returns to the states to work for his family's media firm, with his father and brother. While he had been in France - his assistant & intern, Chloe, had started working for the firm. Chloe is extremely hard working and determined to earn respect in the field, while finishing school. Bennetts family has come to adore Chloe and wants nothing more then for her to succeed and continue working for them after she graduates.

And when Bennett returns and meets his intern for the first time - he realizes life as he knows it is going to change. He's attracted to Chloe and he hates it. This connection he feels to her only fuels his anger and makes him act like the bastard he is, because he hates not being in control of his feelings.

But Chloe isn't going to sit back and take his shit. She gives as much as he does and it's AWESOME. I loved Chloe and the fact that she knew how to handle Bennett and his moods. She refused to let him get in the way of her success and just found ways to do her job well and deal with him. But even she couldn't deny her true feelings for him no matter how hard she tried. I loved the heat between these two. When they thought it was just lust - it grew into so much more and their walls started crumbling.

The only thing I wished we had learned in the book was why Bennett was the way he was. I chalked it up to it just being his personality. He came from a wonderful family that left no impression of him having a hard childhood. I choose to believe his bad attitude and collective ashatness (yes, I just made that up) was all due to the fact he was falling for Chloe and didn't know how to deal with it. Needing a good woman in your life can do that to a man.

The witty banter back and forth between these two was hilarious. I love that Chloe never backed down. I loved how they started to slowly realize they wanted each other more then just for sex. Bennett, despite being an asshole, completely won my heart. He was bossy and alpha - and I loved every second of it! The chemistry between these two was HOT and I was completely in love with them both.

At that moment, hearing those words, I didn't care about anything else: where we were, who we were, or how we felt about each other. Never in my life had I felt such raw chemistry with anyone. When we were together like this, nothing else mattered. - Bennett

Nobody had ever made me feel that way, as if my body were made to fit his. - Chloe

I know there is a lot of hate on Goodreads about this being FanFiction and ripping off other authors and I don't get into that stuff. I don't really understand it because I don't read FanFic, and I didn't see any similarities to Twilight or anything that I don't see in every other erotic/romance novel I read. Basically it all starts to blend together to me, and if it keeps my attention and makes me swoon - then I like it! The more books like Twilight, Fifty Shades, Crossfire - THE BETTER!! So, I'm thankful these ladies came together to publish this book because I think it'll be one of my favorites for the year.