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4.5 stars

Being a big fan of T E Sivec and her Chocolate Lovers Series, I was excited to get my hands on this book. Especially after I read the synopsis because it sounded freaking awesome. And I was not disappointed! This book was a perfect blend of suspense, action and steam. With a cast of fantastic characters.

Milo, Garrett, and Parker were all best friends. After Milo is killed in a Navy Seal mission, Garrett and Parker remain close while harboring romantic feelings for each other that they refuse to succumb to. But they're about to go on a mission together to try and solve the reasons behind Milo's death that will test their friendship and bring their true feelings to the surface.

The sexual tension is palpable and the steam is hot. There's no shortage of action and this book will keep you guessing with all of its twists and turns. A very hard book to put down! I loved the characters and just how different this book was from some of the books I've been reading lately. A kick-ass, sexy, suspense you don't want to pass up!