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The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1) - J.A. Redmerski Wow. I'm speechless. One of the best books I've ever read. Incredible and emotional. Better review later after I pull myself together.
After a few hours of letting this book sink in I'm going to attempt to put into words how amazing it was.

Camryn is a 20 year old who's been through her fair share of tragedies and let downs. She knows she wants more from life then working at a department store and living at home. After a fight with her best friend and needing to get away - she hops on a bus across the country with no particular place in mind - just anywhere but here.

As she's on this trip of self-discovery, she meets Andrew Parrish, who's on his way to Wyoming to see his dying father. Andrew is sexy, protective, charming, and amazing. He manages to squeeze through some of Cam's defenses and they become fast friends. But there are more feelings between them that both of them stubbornly fight. Cam is adamant she won't fall in love again and Andrew has his reasons for keeping what they share strictly friendship. But the longer they spend together and more they connect - it becomes impossible for them to fight how they really feel. They share moments that absolutely melted my heart and Andrew showed Cam how to really live life and not be afraid to speak her mind or be her true self. The beauty he sees in her and way he takes care of her - it's all sorts of swoon worthy!

The slow build up of their love while they journey across the country together is so incredible. I loved every single minute. I felt like I was addicted to their story and couldn't stop reading.

Such a beautiful and emotional ride - I don't cry often reading books but this book had me sobbing. It broke my heart into pieces but then everything came together for the most perfect ending.

I can't stress enough how much I recommend this incredible book. It touched me so deeply and I can't stop thinking about it. A truly beautiful story I won't soon forget.

I've also downloaded The Civil Wars thanks to this book!