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Friends With Partial Benefits - Luke Young 3.5 Stars

This was a fun, entertaining read that I enjoyed. I was sucked in immediately and unable to put it down, finishing it in one day (which is really hard for me to normally do). What interested me most about reading it was the fact that it's written by a man - and that always makes me curious. Luke Young can write romance well, I have to give him credit.

Rob and Brian are college roommates (seniors) and best friends. Rob's mom, Jillian is a smutty romance novelist and divorcee - but she's hot and young (she got pregnant with Rob in high school). Brian (who's an older student at the age of 26) is struggling in his relationship with his current girlfriend (if you can call her that) and needs a break from her. So he goes home with Rob on Spring Break.

Staying at Rob's house (while Rob is constantly out with his girlfriend, Laura) - Brian spends a lot of time with Jillian. Both huge fans of tennis (and Jillian having a spectacular tennis court) - they find themselves with a lot in common. They play tennis together and talk a lot and start a friendship - while there are other underlying feelings rising to the surface. There is an attraction that can't be denied. I thought that the age difference would bother me - but I ended up being okay with it. Their connection and attraction meant so much more than the fact they are 12 years apart in age. I loved these two together. The sexual tension between the two was palpable and had me holding my breath at times. And Brian - what a sweetie. He cooks, he's athletic, he's sweet. SWOON.

One of my favorite parts of the book...
He leaned in close to her and put his hand on her neck. A shiver went through her body as he whispered, "If I don't get inside you soon, I'm going to die."

Swoon, right?

I shall only mention one gripe. I could have done without the stand-alone scenes with Victoria. I didn't feel it added any value to the book to have anything extra about her, except when she was with Jillian. I didn't care, nor did I want to know more about her. I felt like those extra scenes where just that - extra unnecessary scenes. I only wanted to read about Brian and Jillian and found myself skimming the Victoria parts of the book.

Without giving much away - things go down with Rob, Laura, & Brian's girlfriend (Natalie) that make the story interesting. I really wanted to shake Brian and tell him to wake up at many points in the story. Things worked out how I hoped and Brian was just adorable.

This was a cute romance with some spice (not overly done) that I enjoyed and would recommend if you want a fun, quick read.