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The Perfect Game (The Perfect Game, #1) - J. Sterling I think I was expecting more from this book and it didn't deliver. There were many things I liked, but my issues outweighed them.

This whole review is going to be full of spoilers, so if you haven't read the book - do NOT read any further!

I loved Jack and his personality. How he treasured and protected Cassie (until that ill fated night when he RUINED EVERYTHING. More about that later). The beginning of this book really sucked me in and had me wanting more. I loved their banter back and forth and how they were with each other. Although for a guy of his reputation, I felt it was kind of quick for him to just give up his lifestyle because he fell for Cassie. Too easy and quick for me. And how they poured their hearts out to each other on the first date - when they supposedly had so many trust issues...unlikely. Also - when Cassie lost her shit because she saw a photo of him entering a hotel room with another girl (which turned out to be nothing) - I wanted to reach into my Kindle and strangle the bitch for her unnecessary drama.

Looking past all of that, I was engrossed in their love story. It was sweet and adorable and the sex was hot. I was really enjoying the book. Then Jack goes away after he's drafted, gets drunk, and cheats on Cassie.

Cheating is a major issue for me. Normally, if I know it's coming in a book and I understand the circumstances around it - I can look past it. However, Jack just got drunk one night with his teammates and took a girl home. That's not an excuse. That's fucking stupidity. You can say 'no' to the multitude of shots being shoved into your face. You aren't being forced to drink it! After he did that - my respect was gone and I just wanted to skim the book to finish it.

Then he's dumb enough to believe that the tramp he slept with is actually pregnant?! I mean, come on. No one in their right mind would've actually believed this whore. But he's going to marry her anyway so he can 'do the right thing'. COME ON. Not in real life. I wanted to throw my Kindle at that point.

Bless Cassie's heart for forgiving him. I was glad to see they got their HEA, even though what he did was so wrong and I'm not saying it's unforgivable. I'm not saying people can't change, because I truly believe they can. That attitude is what got me through the rest of the book and I was content with how it ended for them.