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Down to You - M. Leighton I loved this book for many reasons. Cash, Cash, and Cash. Oh, and the rest of the book was good, too. ;)

In all seriousness, this book was way better than I had anticipated. It starts out really intense and pulls you right in. This book does not lack in the hot and spicy scenes - definitely some of the best I've read. And oh how I adored Cash. Swoon.

What I didn't like was that damn epilogue at the end. I would have been fine with ending the book on a happy note. I did not need a view into the next book like that - it pissed me off. If I'd known it was like that, I would have stopped at the last chapter and not read the epilogue. What happened to just a stand alone book with a HEA? I don't understand the constant need for sequels these days. I was perfectly happy with the way this book ended. *end rant*

Also - it irritated me that she slept with a guy without knowing which 'brother' it was. Come on, seriously?!

What I didn't see coming was the twist...and how did I not even think of that?! I was completely oblivious and chalk it up to having a very tiring week and not having my wits about me. It seemed so obvious once it was revealed and I'm sure most people figured it out but me.

Overall - I really enjoyed this one!