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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Psycho. That's the one word I can use do describe this book. I can't even say I liked it - just that it was like a car accident I couldn't look away from.

It started out super slow - unbearably slow. I normally need a book to hook me at least within the first 20% and this one took until halfway before I was finally into the story. If it wasn't for my work book club - I would have given up on it. Am I glad I forged ahead? Only because this book will have so many discussion points at our meeting because it was PURE CRAZY.

I know it was the point the author was making - but I hated all of the characters. The marriage between Nick and Amy was the most jacked up thing I've ever read. The way Amy manipulated Nick was sickening. I was shocked by the things this women did to get her 'revenge'. She was the craziest bitch I've ever read about. I was fooled by her in the first half of the book and all of the twists in this book made me change my point of view several times. The ending left a LOT to be desired. I felt like it was way too ubrupt and there was no resolve. It definitely didn't end the way I had thought or hoped.

I've read every book by this author and I keep asking myself why do I do that to myself. Her writing is so demented and mental that I have yet to enjoy one of her books. Yet, I keep reading them. Don't get me wrong - I love a good psychological thriller - but the twisted that is in this book went beyond crazy. And you know I'll probably try her next book because I'm obviously crazy enough to keep reading her stuff.