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Unravel Me - Kendall Ryan I was so excited to read this book and when I found out it was released early, I immediately started it.

It was a really unique storyline and that was refreshing. I loved the chemistry between 'Logan' and Ashlyn - there were many scenes where it was sizzling off the page and making my heart race. I know the steam is well-written when it gets me all hot and bothered.

I instantly fell in love with 'Logan' - he was so sweet and charming. I never once felt like he could be the hardened criminal he was accused of. I was on the edge of my seat until the end, waiting for the truth to come out and then waiting to see if they got their HEA. At some points my heart was breaking because of what they were going through and I just didn't want to put the book down - I had to see how things turned out! Without giving anything away - I will just say I really enjoyed the book and was extremely happy with the ending.

My only small gripes were that it did feel a little rushed at times. The book is a short book and sometimes the length of it doesn't pose a problem for me if the big events are timed well. This one kinda felt rushed to me and how they got together so quickly was slightly unrealistic. Also - their declaration of love during sex - that irked me. I don't agree that is a time for that to be said when it's never been said before!