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No Flowers Required - Cari Quinn Infinite stars!!!
I'm so in love with this book. There are things I look for in a book that make it a favorite. This book had it all.

The sweetest romance ever. Heart poundingly good. I could swoon at all of the sweet moments between Dillon and Lex.
Lots of steamy moments that were perfect. Just enough to satisfy and never cheesy.
A strong respectable leading woman who did NOT get on my nerves with her insecurities and annoying whining (like a lot of girls in books I've read lately). Alexa was independent but able to concede she needed help from others and let down her walls. Which she had to in order to fall in love with Dillon.
And Dillon. Oh how perfect is Dillon James. Sexy tattooed bad boy/handyman - YES. Sexy intelligent businessman with a heart of gold - YES! This guy was amazing. The best of both worlds. He found out who he really wanted to be while he helped Alexa build herself back up and have the confidence she needed to succeed. And although there was a minor set back - I was so pleased things didn't get drawn out and stupidly put off. When you are in love - you can get through anything.
I also loved the length of this book. Not too long, not too short. Was to the point but had plenty of build up and suspense. I didn't feel anything was rushed and the timing of their relationship was so smooth and perfect. It felt realistic and had my heart racing and wanting more every time I put it down.

I can't say enough good things about this book except I highly recommend. A new favorite on my list!