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Futures and Frosting - Tara Sivec Another funny and sweet book that I really enjoyed! I have to say it wasn't as funny as the first book - but I think it would be hard to exceed my expectations after how much I loved book one.

I laughed the hardest the morning after the bachelorette/bachelor party. That was so stinking hilarious. Later in the book I felt the 'pot cookie' scene was a little much and went way past the funny mark because it was over done. And this book lacked the steam I felt in the first book - I could have had just a little more of those moments between Claire and Carter (ok - I just wanted MORE CARTER!).

But there is not enough good things I can say about the cast in this book. First and foremost - I ADORE Carter. He is a dream. I love how doting of a boyfriend and father he is. And every time Sivec wrote about him wrapping his arms around Claire and snuggling her or chuckling in her ear - I'd get goosebumps. SWOON. Carter is perfect.

Claire was her hilarious, adorable self. I want to be her with her wit and spunk. And of course Gavin is the coolest little boy (although I didn't think his lines were as funny or even as crude in this one - they just felt a little forced at times). The rest of the crew are awesome and make me want to be part of a group like them!

Overall I really enjoyed the book and couldn't put it down. I love how Claire & Carter got another book so we could see how things turn out for them. I was really pleased with the end - this whole series is a just a fun, SWEET read. Loved it!