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Taking Chances (Taking Chances, #1) - Molly McAdams 2.5 stars

This book started off strong for me. But what ruined the experience completely was the fact that while reading some reviews on Goodreads - I saw a review where the spoiler wasn't hidden and the big twist in the book was mentioned in THE FIRST LINE. Having seen that - I was prepared and had figured out the twist by the time it happened. Although I was really enjoying the book and sucked into it until that point - once the big event took place, I was quickly bored and had no desire to read the rest of the book. It got super cheesy and groan-worthy for me. Everything was wrapped up into this perfect little package with a big happy bow and it caused a lot of eye-rolling and skimming. I blame it on the fact that the spoiler ruined it for me. I think that had I not known what was going to happen - I would have enjoyed this book a lot more.

I was team Brandon all the way. I know most people loved Chase, and although I did like him - I really thought Brandon was the better guy and wanted to see him get his HEA. I know...I'm in the minority on that, too. I am disappointed that I didn't love this book like most of my friends. I think had the circumstances been different, I would have liked it better.