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Behind Closed Doors - Sherri Hayes I'll admit this book was slow starting for me. I was extremely frustrated with Chris' angry caveman act, as well as Elizabeth's scared mouse one. I understood the point of it, but the author really beats it in your head in the beginning. I was close to giving up when the book finally took a turn and got interesting. At which then I wasn't able to put it down.

Elizabeth has a rough past. She married an abusive man with money, who constantly beat her down emotionally. One night of him attacking her went south and in self-defense, she kills him. To get her life back in order, she decides to move and start over. She's scared and intimidated by Chris and his macho attitude. In the beginning he comes across as angry and overbearing.

Chris owns his own construction business and is a big, overbearing man. He has had his heart broken before when his ex-wife betrayed him and he's terrified of falling in love again or even getting close to another woman. He has an instant attraction to Elizabeth and tries to fight it (this fighting it is what drove me nuts in the beginning - it drug on too long).

Elizabeth needs a job and ends up being his secretary (thanks to their meddling landlady - bless her heart). It's when her past comes back to haunt her, and someone is out to get revenge on her, that he finally comes to his senses about his feelings for her. He starts to help her and lets his walls down, eventually realizing his love for her. Their story was incredibly sweet - he wanted to do anything to protect her and she was finally with someone who cared about her, and loved her for who she was.

Once the mystery started and Chris let down his guard, the book got really good. I liked the element of suspense in this one - I never figured out who the person behind all of the harrassing was. I love when a book keeps me guessing and I don't know 'who dun it' until the end.

I also loved the supporting cast of characters. Chris' brothers and mom were awesome. And Jan, the landlady/family friend, was such a sweet woman always looking out for the both of them. The people that surrounded them made the story more enjoyable.

I look forward to reading the next installment about Chris' brother, Gage.

PS - this is low on the spice factor. So if you're looking for that - it's a modest book in that area.