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The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2) - Abbi Glines I want to do this book justice with my review because I absolutely loved it. Congratulations, Abbi Glines - your Vincent Boys have stolen my heart, again.

There were so many things I loved about the book that I'm just going to list them.

1. Beau was back. And hot as ever.
2. I saw a whole new side of Sawyer that I fell in love with.
3. Romantic, funny, & steamy all in one! ;)
4. I loved Lana - strong, amazing person, who I just wanted so badly to get her HEA.
5. Fast-paced - unputdownable!

In the first book, I wasn't a fan of Sawyer because Beau had my heart. But this book puts Sawyer in a whole new light. And although he was a jerk sometimes, while he tried healing his broken heart over Ashton, he would redeem himself and win me over, again and again. He is able to let go of his comfortable love with Ash and move on to a real passionate love with Lana, and we get to watch his journey to do that. There were moments where it broke my heart to see them get torn apart in order for Sawyer to get his act together. I had to contain my sobs more then once. But when he finally figured everything out - he won me over with his sweet, loving side (although he had a very sexy, flirty side throughout the book that was really hot).

My absolute favorite part of the book was when Sawyer finally found Lana. He says, 'They've always belonged together. I get that now. Not because she chose him, but because you chose me.' 'When I lost you, I completely shattered. You.Own.Me.' SOB!!!

I love that Beau had a role in this book, too and even got his special chapter at the end. I found myself disliking Ashton a little for her constant back and forth between the two boys and how it ruined things several times for Lana.

The Epilogue was perfect. It made me a little sad that the Vincent Boys Saga was over. But it couldn't have been more perfect for me. Amazing book!