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Not Planning on You (Danvers, #2) - Sydney Landon Having not been blown away by the first book in this series, I wasn't sure how I would feel about this next installment. But after seeing all of the rave reviews from my friends on Goodreads, I dove in to give it a shot. I had loved Suzy's character in the first book and wanted to read more about her. I was slow getting into it due to other reading distractions and had almost resigned myself to give up and try some other time. I am so glad I kept reading!

I am in love with Suzy and Gray (I just love the name Gray, Grayson...swoon). I want more of them, like right now. Their story was awesome - intense, sweet, sexy, hilarious. It was a perfect combination that left me wanting more every time I put it down.

I loved the entire cast of characters in this book. Beth, Nick, Ella, Gray's parents. All of their parts made it a fantastic book. The humor in this book was hysterical. I found myself chuckling out loud more than once!

Gray was to die for. Absolutely amazing man who had to suffer because of the fact that he was just too honorable for his own good. And I was so impressed with Suzy's determination and how she dealt with everything that was thrown her way. I knew a HEA was imminant, but I could not stop reading until I was sure they found their way back to each other.

I loved the last line in this book - 'Happily ever after was neither one person nor one place, it was a collection of things that brought you peace, love, and contentment, and if you were lucky, a little magic.'

What started out as iffy for me turned into wonderful, and I'm glad I continued reading it. I'm thrilled to know the author will be releasing another book about Nick & Beth. I adored them!

*The only downfall to this book were all of the grammatical errors. Normally I don't really notice or it doesn't bother me. But the last quarter of this book had loads of them, so many that I started noticing more and more and I wish it had been proof read better before release. But still WELL WORTH purchasing and reading! Highly recommend!