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Easy - Tammara Webber Wow. Another book that blew me away. I've been so incredibly fortunate to have discovered some really amazing new authors this year. Never having read a book by Ms. Webber - I saw all of the high praise this new book of hers was getting and my interest was piqued. She did not disappoint and I added another favorite to my list. I will now be getting my hands on more books by this author asap.

Lucas was OMG, swoon-worthy. I am not into 'Emo', so I pictured him slightly different then I think was intended. But I absolutely loved the tattoo-covered, protective, tough-guy persona. Add to it how intelligent he is and WOW. He was amazing. In the beginning I wasn't a fan of the games both him and Jaqueline were playing - but when I discovered the reason why I was able to get over that and fall in love with them and their story. It picked up immediately and I had a hard time putting it down.

A perfect amount of suspense (heart-pounding) and romance (swoon-worthy) - I absolutely adored this book.