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Gabriel's Rapture - Sylvain Reynard Gabriel & Julianne have such an all-consuming love. It's addicting - I can't get enough of it. I fall for Gabriel every time he opens his mouth. The writing was beautiful and I LOVE how Gabriel talks to Julianne. Those were definitely my favorite parts of the story - he is an amazing, considerate, deeply passionate man - despite his flaws and the fact he had to leave to save her. The beauty of SR's writing is that when I'm reading his books - I feel like I'm actually there. I get so absorbed in the story and the writing that I'm oblivious to everything around me. It's so full of passion and emotion.

In order for Gabriel & Julianne to have their HEA - they had to get past their demons & suffering and deal with their own issues. Going into the book, I expected there to be a major conflict and something really bad to happen - because it had to for them to take a step back and realize what had to be done to make their relationship work. Gabriel had to figure himself out and the person he wanted to be before he could give himself fully to Julianne. And I think what he did at the university for Julianne's career was a noble and unselfish thing that had to be done - and I wasn't angry with him over it. That part of the book just about killed me. But I knew it had to happen.

It made me really happy to see Gabriel deal with his issues, get help, learn to help others, and figure out what he had to do to be the man Julianne deserved. I knew that he wasn't going to be the same angry, broken man as he was in the first book because he had grown and changed. He still had his issues (the museum scene...that was hott) - but he WAS different, as I expected him to be. He was a better man, because of all of that.

I was really pleased with how the story wrapped up. Of course I expected them to have their HEA and I would have been devastated if they didn't get it. It was all the more sweeter to see them get married and finally be able to love each other completely without anything stopping them.

Thank you, SR, for your beautiful writing. I think this was a wonderful end to a series (unless there will be more?!), and I enjoyed it immensely.