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Her Forbidden Hero - Laura Kaye My second Laura Kaye book, and I'm a fan for life. I loved this book, devouring it in two days. Kaye has an amazing way of writing love stories that suck you in from the beginning and don't let go. I instantly fell in love with Alyssa and Marco. I loved Aly's independance and determination to be her own person and find her place in the world. And Marco...he was so wonderful, even with his issues from being in the service, he was a loyal & compassionate man just needing to find his true love and that one person who could free him from all of his grief & suffering. The build up of their love was intense and incredible - everything I love in a good romance. If you're looking for a ton of spice - this one is light on that aspect, but it was still just enough for me. I loved this book and highly recommend it!