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The Girl On Legare Street (Tradd Street, #2) - Karen White Ok - I'm less upset now that I just read this is the second book in a FOUR book series. Which I didn't realize last night, as I finished the last page, and it had this BIG cliffhanger that made me want to throw my book across the room. So I feel better about that - I really am enjoying these books and welcome a third (hurry up and finish it!).

This book was heavier on the mystery and history - which tended to confuse the crap out of me at times. I felt it was a little much and could've been scaled back - that or I'm just an idiot and couldn't keep up. Of course it all came together for me in the end, but my head was spinning trying to figure out what was happening. Definitely not as good as the first book - but I will be getting the third as soon as it's out!