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The Search - Nora Roberts I never thought I'd be adding a Nora Roberts book to my favorites shelf. I can usually only take Roberts in small doses, and don't know what compelled me to try this book. The synopsis sounded intriguing, I thought it was worth a shot. I am SO glad I picked this one up!

This book had everything - romance, suspense, a main character I could relate to. I admit there was a lot of 'filler' in this book and her books always seem like they could be scaled back about 200 pages. But I really felt the filler MADE the book. The extra Search and Rescue stories Roberts threw in just helped build character. The blossoming romance between Fiona and Simon, and how OCD she was and how rude and rough around the edges he was...all of that extra stuff just sucked me in and I loved it. Throw in some suspense and lovable dogs and it became a quick favorite.