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Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn I went against my own personal rule of quitting a terrible book after 50 pages and not wasting my time. But because this book was so short - I forced myself to just suffer through.

I should have known better after reading her other book, Dark Places. She's a demented author that only writes about sick and depressing things. This book was no exception.

There were so many things I disliked about this book. The fact that Camille (30-some yr old woman) would go to a party with her THIRTEEN year old sister, and get high with her - sick. That doesn't happen. And if you know your mother is poisening you - do you just open wide and let her keep doing it?! Idiotic. And sleeping with an 18-yr old murder suspect - it was like the author just wanted to throw together as many demented/ridiculous things as she could in one book. Accomplished!

I knew 'who dun it' after the first 100 pages because it was so completely obvious. Which left hardly any reason to keep reading except to make sure they paid for what they did. Thank goodness for that at least.

Sick and twisted. Very depressing. Ready to move on to something much more upbeat after that.