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Tempted by the Soldier - Nicolette Day A surprisingly sweet, romantic, and emotional novel. I quickly fell for Lilly & Nate and their story. This book is full of wit and snarky humor, with just enough erotica not to be overdone and take away from the importance of the story. This book is more about two people learning to forgive themselves for past circumstances that were out of their control, so that they could have a life they both deserve with love and hope for the future. I was really touched by their story and the pain they both were fighting to survive.

Lilly needs a ride to her best friend’s wedding, due to horrible weather cancelling her flight. She ends up hitching a ride with Nate – the groom’s brother, and her former fling. A year prior, Lilly and Nate had hooked up, only for him to never give her the time of day again. She felt a connection to him and is still harboring feelings she can’t seem to let go. Angry from his silence the past year, she is determined not to fall for him again.

Nate is a marine who has suffered some terrible losses in his life. He lives with the guilt and pain weighing on him heavily every day, and doesn’t feel worthy of anyone’s love and understanding. As a favor to his brother and future sister-in-law, he agrees to give Lilly a ride. He hasn’t forgotten the night they spent together, nor has he stopped wanting Lilly for a minute. But his past and the pain he’s dealing with keeps him from getting close to anyone.

On their road trip, there are some hilarious moments, and some really HOT moments. While Nate is struggling not to give in to his attraction to Lilly, he finds it extremely hard to stay away from her. And as they stop along the way, Lilly starts to see a different side of Nate and that maybe there’s more to him than just the asshole that slept with her and never called again.

What surprised me most about this story was that it was more than just sex and humor. Both Lilly and Nate have real pain and issues they are dealing with and it results in some of the most tender and heartbreaking moments. I loved their relationship and was cheering them on, hoping they could get past the barriers keeping them from committing to each other.

Nate is a beautiful broken man you can’t help but adore. When you find out what he’s been through, you can understand why he pushes Lilly away, and it’s commendable. All you want is to see the poor guy get his happiness. It tugged on my heart.

Although this book was predictable, it didn’t make it any less enjoyable. A beautiful love story that I’m glad I read!

ARC kindly provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.