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Black-Eyed Susans: A Novel of Suspense

Black-Eyed Susans: A Novel of Suspense - Julia Heaberlin The best thriller I have read in a very long time - if you're a fan of suspense you won't want to miss this one!

When Tessie was in high school, she went for a run one night and ended up missing. She was eventually found, the only surviving victim of the Black-Eyed Susans killer. Years later, she's attempting to live a normal life with her own teenage daughter, and the man accused of being the killer is on death row about to be executed. Then someone starts planting Black-Eyed Susans outside her house, making her doubt what she thought she knew, whether an innocent man is about to be executed, and if her killer is still out there taunting her.

CREEPY. That is the perfect word to describe this book.I LOVED the suspense. I didn't want to put it down, but I found myself reading it slowly because I was enjoying it too much for it to be over. The book is written in Tessie's past and present POV's. So many key players are introduced, you don't really know who to trust, and it made me suspicious of everyone. The author had me guessing all the way to the end, and in my opinion, that makes for a perfect suspense novel.

After reading this book, I immediately bought the first two novels by the author and can't wait to read them. Intelligent and very intriguing - this author's writing pulled me in immediately. Definitely one of my favorite books this year, I loved it from beginning to end!

On a side note: it bothers me that books like this one are being marketed as the next 'Gone Girl' or 'The Girl on the Train'. This book is in a class of it's own and is NO comparison to either of those books. I didn't like Gone Girl, and TGotT was just okay for me. This book should be read simply because it's an amazing thriller and can stand on it's own. I think it outshines both of those books by a long shot.