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Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty This book is unlike any other book I've ever read. To describe the writing is tough for me - it flows and is engaging, so much that I didn't want to skip one word, for fear I would miss some important and crucial detail to the story. It felt like it took forever for me to finish the book but really, I read the entire second half in one day. It became impossible to put down.

How does an author take 3 extremely serious topics and write in a way that is terrifying one minute and hilarious the next? It was done brilliantly in this book. Bullying, domestic violence and even murder made this story intriguing with just enough intensity and suspense to keep you reading. There were moments I was chuckling to myself from the subtle humor or feeling gut wrenching sadness for some of the suffering endured by these characters. And then out of no where something shocking would happen that had me terrified and on edge. This book really brought out serious emotions in me.

The characters are flawed, some annoying and barely likable. But I was drawn into their lives, their stories all interesting in a different way, and all having something in common. Lies and secrets obviously play a major role in this book, and I loved how everything unfolded and little truths were revealed throughout the course of the book. The author was brilliant in the way she wrote the story leading up to the 'big night', and when I would think I new how it would end, she kept throwing me off. In the end, I didn't have it figured out and was pleasantly surprised by the twists.

A really fantastic read. This author is definitely a must read for all of her future books.