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Game for Marriage - Karen Erickson What a sweet and sexy book! It had everything I love in a good romance - with the added element of football, another favorite passtime of mine!

Sheridan Harper is a struggling artist, trying to make ends meet while keeping open the studio she inherited from her grandmother. Jared Quinn is the star quarterback for the local NFL team, who has the reputation of a ladies man. They meet at a local event where the sparks fly and they end up spending the night together, not expecting anything more.

But Jared's publicist has other ideas. He proposes that Sheridan poses as Jared's wife for a year to help clean up his image, before he gets fired from the team. Sheridan sees it as an opportunity to pay the bills and grow her business and she agrees - with the stipulation that they include a no-sex clause in the their agreement. This prevents her from getting too close and falling for the womanizer who inevitable will break her heart.

These two have a chemistry that's so sweet and sexy they can barely resist each other. And while they get to know each other - Sheridan finds out just how much she respects Jared for how strong and loyal he is. Not to mention sexy, possessive, and gorgeous! And Jared sees in Sheridan the sweet, caring, and talented person that she is and falls deeper and deeper for her. Of course, as expected, complications will arise that put a damper on their arrangement - but the angst in this book is so short-lived and painless that it didn't bother me at all! It was well worth it to have the perfect, wonderful ending.

This book had a great combination of romance, steam, and wit - without the cheesy lines or over-the-top descriptions of their sexual encounters. It was just perfect enough to get your heart pumping and make you swoon. I adored these two and their story - and can't wait for the next book in the series, which I expect will be about their friends, Nick & Willow.

A wonderful smutty read - thanks, SMC ladies!