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Vanilla on Top - C.J. Ellisson What a sweet and sexy read! I will admit that it started off iffy for me and there were some moments of overkill with the cheesy descriptions of the sex scenes. I like smut - but I don't need an absolute play.by.play and sometimes there's just too many synonyms to describe a guys junk that it becomes a bit much.

This book is written in alternating POV's, which I really love. It gives you an insight into the mind and feelings of both parties.

Heather is an administrative assistant who's spent the last few years doing the work for her alcoholic boss while never getting the respect she deserves. Shy and insecure, she's gone through her entire life never asking for what she wants or fighting for what she deserves, professionally or personally.

Tony is a successful executive who's worked his way to the top of an investment firm. With the reputation of a player, he's lived a life of long work hours and entertaining fleeting women, with no real purpose.

Both of them are coerced into attending a speed-dating event by their friends and it's this one encounter with each other that will set both of their worlds in a tailspin. Heather is determined to be a bolder, sexier woman that gets what she wants - and Tony ends up falling for her hook, line, and sinker. What they discover along the way is a mutual desire for love and acceptance that just strengthens their connection. There are some bumps and misunderstandings along the way - but they are tolerable and add just enough suspense and angst to keep a reader wanting more...wanting to see these two get their happy-ever-after.

I absolutely adored both of these characters. I could relate to Heather because I have my own insecurities that I deal with and I knew how she felt. Her attitude made her so likeable and deserving of love and respect.

And Tony. Ahhhh. He was so fantastic. He knew what Heather needed and he gave it to her. He didn't let her push him away or run. He fought for something he knew was worth fighting for and he was just the sweet, sexy, and sometimes possessive (the club scene...HOT) man we all love in a book like this. He left a big ol smile on my face until the very last page.

I very much enjoyed this smuttastic book and recommend it!