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Thoughtless  - S.C. Stephens I struggled with what rating to give this book because I had a love/hate relationship with it. And if it weren't for Kellan's character - I would have quit at the halfway mark.

First of all - this book is TOO long. There was so much extra stuff that could have been left out and we would have still gotten the point. The writing was good and I was able to fall in love with most of the characters - but I do NOT have the patience for such a long book.

My other issues had everything to do with Kiera. I hated her. Playing two wonderful men like Denny & Kellan for so long was horrible. I started out thinking she was just immature and would eventually get a fucking clue. But the book drug on and on with her cheating and leading on both guys until the end. It broke my heart and because I wanted to see if Kellan got his HEA - he was the ONLY reason I finished it. I loved Kellan's character, and even though his happiness depended on her, I had to finish to make sure he got it.

I'm not a fan of cheating storylines and this one really got to me. Sleeping with a guy while your boyfriend is in the next room....this book infuriated me.

Also - all of Kiera's blushing....drove.me.nuts.

Obviously this book invoked a lot of emotions in me. If a book can make me that emotional, I will give it at least 3 stars.

Unfortunately, I won't be reading the next book for awhile, if ever.