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Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley This was my first KA book, and I'm glad I started with this one. I knew it was the last in this series, but the synopsis of this one in particular caught my eye the most out of them all.

It was a rocky start and I was feeling like this was a 3-star book at best in the beginning. Tack was crude, rude, & bossy to the extreme right off the bat. Not to mention the caveman-way of talking that drove me NUTS. But something about him kept me intrigued. And the fact that Tyra held her own and stood up to him kept me reading.

Then the scene where he barges into her house with pizza and beer to hide out with her happened, and I started liking him more and thinking there was more to him then meets the eye and I kept reading. I was addicted and needed to know more about him and why he was this way. I had hope he wasn't really the jerk he seemed.

Eventually I fell head over heals for Tack - his love for his kids, his love for his brothers, his love for Tyra and how he took care of her - it totally and completely won me over. His sweet moments were to die for. There were so many layers to Tack that you learned throughout the book, I couldn't help but adore him. I became immune to the caveman talk because the story was un-put-downable. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE books like that. When I can't stand to stop reading for a second, when I'm THAT hooked - it's a winner to me.

This story went from a 3 star to a 5 star. That's how hard I fell in love with these characters.

I was excited at the end to see there will be a Chaos Series starting with Tabby and Shy. I can't wait to read those. And after meeting Mitch in this book - I'm curious to go back and read his story, also.

I know this book isn't going to be for everyone. There's a lot of biker names/nicknames (those were annoying and I had to just ignore it), and a LOT of caveman talk (that really bugged me and almost made me stop reading, but glad I didn't). But at the core is a really great love story. THAT is what I loved about this book. A great alpha male who takes care of his woman. It can't get any sweeter than that.