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Providence (Providence, #1) - Jamie McGuire I love Jamie McGuire's writing - she really knows how to make a swoon-worthy man that gets the heart pumping. Jared was another awesome guy who made this book such a great read. I adored him.

Nina...she tended to get on my nerves. She had some serious moments of immaturity that irritated me (and I had to tell myself she IS young and in college, so it's to be expected). I know she had to do the things she did or there wouldn't have been a story to tell - but she royally pissed me off with her playing both Ryan and Jared. When she pretend-dated Ryan to hurt Jared - I almost couldn't take it. It was infuriating and it made me dislike her more because of it.

Overall, I was really glad I finally read this one and plan to finish the series.